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The UX trail

The field of UX is constantly evolving, and mastering sustainable strategies will become increasingly important. In this trail, you'll deep dive into the world of UX digital ethics, explore the smart wardrobe developed by Accenture, and engage with generative AI technology.

Prerequisites (which skills are needed to sign up for the trail):

  • You must be an UX-designer

What will the UX trail entail?

Per Axbom - Digital Ethics as a Driver of Design Innovation

Per Axbom, a Swedish communication theorist born in Liberia and raised in Saudi Arabia and Tanzania, is an early internet adopter, blogger, podcaster, and founder of a digital design firm. Through his writing and teaching, Per advocates for the creation of digital products that enhance wellbeing and minimize harm. He actively observes the tech industry's exploration of human attention, autonomy, and health. 

In this talk and workshop you will…

  • Understand how digital design can contribute to harm through for example monoculture, invisible decision-making, abuse enablement and more.
  • Learn how you can better predict and address impact through design (by adding friction!).
  • Find ways of using insights about vulnerability and risk to design more innovative and unique solutions.

Smart Wardrobe

The future of sustainable shopping experiences. 

Right under our roof at the Stockholm office, something exciting and perhaps groundbreaking is taking place. The Smart Wardrobe is here to enhance your shopping experience and to really utilize the wardrobe that you own. You’ll learn all about it from a UX-perspective from the creators and we’ll discuss the opportunities with this kind of tech. 

Generative AI 

How can generative AI actually become an obvious working tool within the UX area? This workshop is all about generative AI; How it’s being used today to improve the user experience and how to use it in your everyday work. This session will include both lectures and hands-on work.


Per Axbom

Per Axbom

Kristoffer Larsson

Kristoffer Larsson


Max Blomqvist

Max Blomqvist

Accenture Song

Robert Olofsson

Robert Olofsson


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This year we've divided the conference in five different trails, covering different areas.
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