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Being sustainable means being secure. In this trail we will explore how security plays an important role in digital sustainability and get hands-on experience in finding and eliminating security risks. 

Prerequisites (Which skills are needed to sign up for the trail)

  • Developer background
  • Basic Docker knowledge

Introduction to DevSecOps 

Have you heard about DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is becoming popular right now, Join Hampus Hellström in an orientation of this field with hands on sessions on how to make your whole development chain more secure. Sentor will facilitate a Capture the Flag session in vulnerability hunting.

Capture the flag 

(CTF) is a cyber exercise where participants look for a hidden clue or file, a.k.a. the flag, by using cybersecurity tools. In this exercise you’ll try to find the “flags” and make sure the environment is safe. 


Hampus Hellström

Hampus Hellström




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Other trails

This year we've divided the conference in five different trails, covering different areas.
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