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AI/Machine learning

Welcome to our exciting workshop on AI featuring Google and generative AI! We have a fantastic lineup of sessions designed to help you harness the power of AI in your work.

Prerequisites (Which skills are needed to sign up for the trail)

  • Developer background

AI with Google

Google will join us with a presentation of their view on the usage of AI now and in the near future. After that, some of their best engineers will guide us in a workshop with some of the tools Google has to offer. 

Become more effective as a programmer by using gen AI

Ragnar Rova, from Cygni Stockholm, is an early adopter of generative AI and has been successful in incorporating several of these tools in his daily work. Listen to Ragnar talk about how you can become more effective in your daily work and follow along in his exercises




Ragnar Nova

Ragnar Nova

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Other trails

This year we've divided the conference in five different trails, covering different areas.
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