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Digital Sustainability

Digital Sustainability is this year's important theme.

The industry has a major focus on Digital Sustainability right now, but what exactly does Digital Sustainability entail? In short, it's about using technology and digital resources in a responsible and environmentally conscious manner. It involves minimizing the negative impact of digital technologies on the environment, such as reducing energy consumption and electronic waste, and promoting sustainable practices in the digital world. 

“I hope to inspire colleagues to consider digital sustainability and encourage clients to do the same" - Emil Breding, CTO.

It's about finding ways to use technology to support long-term environmental goals while still achieving business and societal objectives. For example, creating digital products with efficient code and optimized designs to reduce their environmental impact or energy-efficient hardware and equipment that consume less power during operation.

By choosing Digital Sustainability as this year's theme, we want everyone at Cygni to understand how their daily efforts at work can have a positive impact on our environment. Basically, we feel that we have a responsibility to set this topic high on the agenda. By highlighting the importance of sustainable practices, we aim to help you make choices that contribute to a better, more sustainable future.

Our hope? This year's theme will open your eyes to new ideas that you can bring into your everyday work. Not only that, we'll also make sure you learn practical skills that you can put to good use!

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